1. There’s this article everyone I know in GA is posting about a tiny little white girl being beaten beyond recognition on the Silver Comet Trail.  In the 13 years I lived in Atlanta, I lost count of the number of women jogging/riding alone that were beaten, raped or killed on that trail.  However the general consensus, being that it’s Georgia and all, is “THIS IS WHY ALL AMERICANS NEED TO CARRY GUNS AT ALL TIMES!”  

    How about women stop being naive and use some common fucking sense?  There are a million gyms and very safe trails in that area, but I guess it’s easier to think you’re invincible and roll the dice.  I feel better now.


  2. Listening to music is like being turned inside-out and finding the story of your life written on your inner organs.

    —Jeff Jackson, Mira Corpora

  3. Room temp coffee is seriously one of my favorite things.

  4. The Acid - Fame

  5. Perfect Contrition (Can’t See The Moon) by Kaethe Butcher

    Perfect Contrition (Can’t See The Moon) by Kaethe Butcher

  6. Jetpack Jones - Demo Grafix

  7. 20syl - V052 - V1M

  8. A former coworker of mine is posting the obligatory “I’m on a plane” photos on facebook this morning because when her boyfriend proposed to her 3 months ago they decided to both quit their jobs and travel the world for a year.

    I’m kinda hungover at my desk, trying to work and wondering when I might decide to shower.

  9. Jazzy baby jams. (at Washington Square Park)

    Jazzy baby jams. (at Washington Square Park)

  10. Kel scored tickets to see Tom Vek in October.

I'm Kel. I like music and naming inanimate objects. I hate bees.