1. at Church Street

    at Church Street

  2. at Lake Champlain Waterfront

    at Lake Champlain Waterfront

  3. My first. (at Three Penny Taproom)

    My first. (at Three Penny Taproom)

  4. Played 6 times

    Tom Petty - Saving Grace

  5. Panama - Destroyer

  6. I want to start a song of the week playlist and add anyone that would like to contribute a song each week.  It can be anything, there aren’t any rules.  The goal being to discover some new tunes and share what you love be it new, old or remade.  I love being exposed to new music, and I am a part of some other similar playlists that are really great.  

    I’ve tagged some of you that I think may be interested, but anyone should message me your spoitfy user name if you would like to contribute.  

  7. Late Bloomer - Children

  8. that time you were searching tumblr for an Oasis song and suddenly learned that apparently morning glory also has something to do with morning jerking and oh my god there’s ween everywhere.

  9. My ear has been clogged/ringing for 3 days and I swear to god this is the worst thing that’s ever happened in my entire life.

  10. Slow Magic - Girls

I'm Kel. I like music and naming inanimate objects. I hate bees.