1. For the first time in my life, I know real stress. I am losing clumps of hair, my stomach is constantly in some state of turmoil and my teeth are tender from having my jaw clenched most hours of the day.
    I hate my job, but I hate the idea of finding a new one. I’ve lost touch with any tiny creative outlet I had. I work in my apartment all day which is sucking away my will to ever leave it. I’m not happy with how I act or how I look. I’m pretty much lost in most aspects of my life and it’s causing me true, legit stress. The kind of stress I never understood.
    There’s a sense of relief identifying it, but a terrifying feeling follows because I have no idea how or when I’ll be normal again.

  2. I’ve reached the age where a hangover is a full day production.  Gone are the days of feeling better by pounding a bottle of gatorade or inhaling a cheeseburger.  There are no more miracles.  The light of my youth has been extinguished and I’ve been left in a dark, headache-y, nauseous, crampy, exhausted world.      

  3. Lapalux - Movement I, II & III

  4. New addition to my top 10 favorites.  Amazing.

    New addition to my top 10 favorites. Amazing.

  5. Happy friday.

    Happy friday.

  6. I started my Friday by listening to music that’s way too angry and aggressive and now I want to scream “fuck this” and throw a chair through the window.  I should probably take a deep breath and rethink my morning soundtrack.

  7. Karen O (at Manderley Bar at The McKittrick Hotel)

    Karen O (at Manderley Bar at The McKittrick Hotel)

  8. Fool’s Gold - I’m In Love (Poolside remix)

    today’s Poolside two-fer.  Poolside makes the BEST remixes. 

  9. Little Dragon - Cat Rider (Poolside remix)

  10. Your iphone photos will still look like shit.

  11. People keep moving out of my building so the part of me that loves to worry myself to death about things I can’t control is convinced that they are raising the rent on renewals to some astronomical amount and I can’t afford that and I don’t want to move and I love our apartment and now I have an ulcer.

I'm Kel. I like music and naming inanimate objects. I hate bees.